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School and Power Outage

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today at Canadian Martyrs, we experienced a power failure. The power failure left our building with minimal lighting and ventilation. For the safety of all, especially with our Covid-19 protocols, more school time for our students and staff was spent on the playground and all windows were opened throughout the building. The grade 8 students were moved to another room which had more windows for free flowing air. With the continued lack of power, the school board directed us to close our school at 10:45AM. At that point, we contacted our parents and arrangements were made for students to get home safely. The pick up of students was successful and timely. Thank you for everyone's support during this process.

Currently, our school is back with full power and we are ready for all students to come to school tomorrow. A reminder to all students when coming to school: please arrive with masks, follow all Covid-19 protocols, social distancing, and sanitizing upon entering. Students will arrive on the school ground and begin a staggered entry into the school beginning at 8:35 AM.

As we continue school, please be aware of your health and your child's health. If your child exhibits any signs of sickness, please do not send your child to school and please ensure they are symptom free for 24 hours. This greatly impacts the school day for all involved especially if a child does display signs of sickness at the school as the school will have to put forth a number of Covid-19 ministry safety protocols to ensure safety for all. Thank you again for your help here.

We look forward to our first official school day tomorrow!


D. Fletcher,

Principal of Canadian Martyrs.

School and Power Outage