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Rowan’s Law Day

Event Date: Sep 30, 2020

Wednesday, September 30th is Concussion Awareness/Rowan’s Law Day.

The day is named in memory of Rowan Stringer, the 17-year-old rugby player whose death resulted from sustaining multiple concussions. In March 2018, the Ontario government passed concussion safety legislation known as Rowan’s Law designed to protect athletes and educate parents/guardians, coaches and officials about the dangers of head injuries,

In order to be familiar with the risks of a concussion associated with an activity/sport, students, staff and coaches of Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board will participate in concussion awareness day on Wednesday, September 30.

OPHEA has developed a Rowan’s Law Day toolkit to assist schools in raising awareness about concussion safety and prevention. The toolkit can be found at ... .

In addition, through the revised Grades 1-8 Health and Physical Education curriculum, students have enhanced opportunities to learn about concussions. The secondary school curriculum also contains learning expectations related to concussions. The Health and Physical Education curriculum for Grades 9-12 includes concussion-related prompts and examples to support student learning

By increasing concussion awareness and knowledge, we can change Ontario's culture around sports, physical activity and injury. The potential for a concussion is greatest during school activities where collisions can occur, such as during physical education (PE) class, playground time, or school-based sports activities. However, concussions can happen any time a student’s head comes into contact with a hard object, such as a floor, desk, or another student’s head or body.

Rowan's Law will make it easier for those who experience concussions to SPEAK UP, get the help they need, and take the time necessary for recovery, with the support of everyone around them.

Rowan’s Law Day