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Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School - Mission - Vision - Creed

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School - Mission - Vision - Creed

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About Us

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School is located in West Hamilton. It is a powerful sign of the Catholic faith on Main Street across from McMaster University and Hospital. The school was built in 1931 with additions in 1965, 1972, and most recently in 2003.

The school community is fortunate to have Canadian Martyrs Church adjacent to the school. It enjoys a positive relationship with the Pastor of Canadian Martyrs Church..

The Canadian Martyrs have traditionally held an important place in the life of the school community: it has celebrated the feast day of the Canadian Martyrs' on October 19 in various ways over the years. Individual feast days of each of the eight Martyrs are acknowledged throughout the school year. The school’s motto, “Courage to do the right thing”, certainly echoes the actions of the Martyrs.

The school offers a full academic program to over 200 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. With a dedicated staff and many volunteers and mentors from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, McMaster University, and Mohawk College, the students enjoy a stimulating program to help them grow spiritually, socially, physically and academically.

There is a tradition of great support for the students and staff in the parent community, with parent volunteers serving on the Catholic School Council and participating in the daily life of the school. This Council continues to be very active in assisting the principal and staff to plan meaningful activities for students, staff, and parents.

The families of the Canadian Martyrs school community who represent diverse cultural backgrounds are proud of their heritage and each day in our Pledge and Mission Statements we pray that we will continue to work towards building God’s Kingdom.