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Principal's Message
Principal's Welcome Message - 2018-19

Principal's Welcome Message - 2018-19

Dear Canadian Martyrs School Community,

As I begin my fifth year as Principal at Canadian Martyrs, I look forward to serving the Catholic School Community, to enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the model, where Each Belongs.

Through home, parish, and school, we believe that our mission as a school community is to work together as role models, to serve, educate and help each other to become lifelong learners. We do this by drawing upon our diverse talents and cultural heritage in order to build a safe place that fosters learning and reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We will create a safe, supportive, and trusting environment where we work together to provide support, guidance and opportunities to feel successful and to grow into responsible members of society following the Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teachings.

Our daily vision statement reads:

I will keep my thoughts positive because my thoughts become my words.
I will keep my words positive because my words become my actions.
I will keep my actions positive because my actions become my values.
I will keep my values positive because my values become my future.

May God bless everyone as we embark on a new school year, wishing all our students great success in all of their academic and extra-curricular endeavors and achievements.

Mr. P. A. Messina